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Services We Offer

Encompass Academics is a full service education support center for students from 2 years old until 12th grade.  We offer tutoring and academic advancement classes for students from Pre-K 4 through 12th grade. We are blessed with some amazing educators who all have a passion for helping children succeed. As a seasoned teacher who knows how to get results, Mandy Kyle is often called on to offer professional development trainings for fellow educators. Those can also be booked through this site. Many of our tutors also offer services such as ARD support and attending parent conferences, as well. With digital learning advancing, several expert tutors also provide "distance" tutoring and "distance" learning support using online platforms. We even have clients as far as Egypt.  As you can see,  we  "Encompass" a wide array of educational support services!  Please look around on our website--make sure to read the client reviews, descriptions about our different programs, and you can sign up for many of our classes on our Register for Classes page. If you have questions, please reach out. We'd love to hear from you!  Contact us today so we can help put your child on the pathway to success!

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Enter your email address here and we will contact you to help explain our program and see how we can help best meet your needs. We will also notify you when new classes are coming out so you have the first chance at signing up. 


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What People Are Saying

The following are references from parents of students who have worked our program with both our small group tutoring and our one on one tutoring.


  • You know when you meet someone who you immediately know will be in your kiddo’s lives for a long time and you instantly feel comfortable? That’s how life is with Mandy Kyle! She was referred to us through Friendswood moms and my daughter’s 1st grade teacher after we moved from CCISD in September, 2016, and found out she was behind. My oldest spent the remainder of first grade, the summer between and now 2nd grade with Mrs. Kyle and my youngest spent the summer with her getting ready for Kindergarten and will return this summer (just to stay in the grove of learning). In December, my oldest was 504 tested (positive) and now that we have a game plan, Mrs. Kyle and my daughter’s teachers talk regularly and work together to give her the best learning path. My daughter’s confidence has grown and she enjoys learning now that she has the opportunity for the information to be presented to her in several ways and she can find what way works best for her! I whole heartedly recommend Mandy Kyle! I will refer her to anyone who asks (and have done so several times).                   JG, parent from Friendswood, Texas                                          

  • Mrs. Mandy is an amazing tutor who custom tailors her approach to your child. She is encouraging and helped my son build confidence in his reading abilities. She took him from barely meeting grade level and not wanting to read, to reading comfortably above his grade level and confident in his skills.                       LT, parent from Friendswood, Texas                                          

  • Mandy Kyle is a phenomenal teacher who provides a nurturing, positive, and structured learning environment. Mandy tutored my son when he was in preschool and taught him how to read within a very short period of time. He loved going  to tutoring and receiving rewards for new accomplishments and completing homework. I appreciate that she gives homework so that I can reinforce skills she taught that week. My son was well prepared to enter kinder. I was so pleased with my son’s growth and can’t wait for the next summer session!

                      LV, parent from Friendswood, Texas