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As a former education professor, supervisor of student teachers, and assistant principal, Mandy has thorough experience in the hiring process for teachers and conducting successful interviews to find the best educators. Mandy is happy to help teachers with their interview skills to help them be their personal best. 

She will meet with the teaching candidate and conduct a mock interview. After the mock interview, she will give constructive feedback to help the candidate put their best foot forward.  She also offers reviews of resumes, suggestions to make things more eye appealing, and general social interaction advice and techniques that help you leave a positive impression with the interview committee. 

Don't let this be you!! 

Teacher Interview Training 

Below is feedback from a recent teaching candidate that I worked with on interview preparedness. This candidate had gone on several interviews and had not been hired. We met one time, did some interview training and prep, and she aced the next interview and was called the day after the interview (a process that usually takes 4-5 days to complete with interviewing all candidates and calling on all references) and she was hired immediately. 

Mandy Kyle did a wonderful job helping me prepare for my interview. With her administrative background she knew the correct questions to prepare for and helped perfect my answers. She also made me feel confident in what I was talking about and gave me the reassurance I needed walking into an interview. I would definitely recommend meeting with her before an interview.

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